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How long is your marquee hire period?

For weekend events, the marquee is yours for both Saturday and Sunday. During the week, the length of the marquee hire period is by arrangement. We endeavour to meet your requirements.

Can tents be opened in warm weather?

Yes. The walls of our marquees can very easily be opened up and secured. We can demonstrate how to do this so that the decision can be left to the day.

Do we need heaters and are they warm enough?

Even in midsummer, a heater may be necessary. So budget for a heater just in case, and make a decision in the week leading up to your party when you have seen the weather forecast. Heater technology has advanced substantially in recent years, so a tent even in winter will be surprisingly warm (see next question).

Are marquees suitable for winter events?

Decked out appropriately (balloons and lighting effects rather than lilies), marquees make ideal venues for Christmas and New Year parties. Powerful heaters (see above question) ensure warmth, and hard flooring, while more expensive than traditional summer matting, protects winter marquee from wet winter ground. So you can capture the beauty and convenience of a marquee event even in winter.

What colour are your marquees?

All our marquees are made of lacquered white PVC. We do also provide any striped marquees.

How safe are your marquees?

All our marquees are made from materials that conform to British Standard specifications and are fully fire resistant.

Can I make last minute changes to my tent?

Within reason, yes. Requests for extra furniture, different flooring etc made early in the week leading up to the marquee hire or before can easily be accommodated. A longer marquee may be possible, depending on availability. But please don't ask us to make changes five minutes before your party starts. We try to be as helpful as we can, but we're not magicians!

Do you supply just the Marquee?

No. We supply furniture, lighting and flooring as well. And we have links with many other event companies, so we can also arrange catering equipment, marquee decoration, theme parties etc, Please ask us for what you need and we will help if we can.

When will you put up/take down my marquee?

Typically, we erect marquees on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday before an event; and we dismantle them on the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If you have a special requirement, please let us know and we will timetable for that.

Can marquees be erected on uneven ground?

Marquees can be put up on sloping or uneven ground.

Do your marquees stand up to storms?

Our marquees are sturdy, and we always ensure that they are properly anchored. They are made in accordance with EC Safety Standards and manufactured to withstand wind loading of up to 60 mph. This is adequate for all but the fiercest of gales.

Can the marquee be connected to a building?

Yes. Our marquees can serve as an 'extension' to a building if the space is suitable. Because they need no pegs or guy ropes, 'framed' marquee structures can easily butt up against the side of a house.

Does A1 regal Marquees have insurance cover?

Damage waiver against damage to persons or equipment caused through negligence by A1 Regal Marquees is included in all our quotes but we would advise that you insure against cancellations. Please see our terms and conditions.

Could a marquee damage cables or pipes running underneath the site?

If cabling or pipework is near the surface, damage is possible. So please advise us if any water mains or electrical cabling are close to the ground.

Will your marquees damage our garden?

Temporarily yes. Grass that has been covered for several days will not look its best. But recovery will be swift. And we are always very careful not to damage plants if flower beds are included in a marquee.